Bell helmets

Monday, October 29, 2012

When the kids were little I didn't worry too much about their helmets that they wore. Lets face it they were only going five miles an hour on 12 volt vehicles. Now that they're getting older they are graduating to gas powered ATV's. So as Christmas approaches I'm thinking about getting all new bell helmets. Even though these ATV's are governed down to 10 miles an hour helmets are such a necessity.

Storm is coming

Waiting for the storm to hit might be just as nerve wrecking as the storm itself. I guess we can only hope that it isn't as bad as they say it can be. For ourself the storm from Canada is at our door. Strong winds and small tree limbs blowing by at the moment. If this storm collide with the other ones let's hope it collides some place else besides over top of our house.

Time and attendance software

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Unbelievable how much  updating of schooling my husband had to do to work three weeks at a nuclear facility shut down. Two weeks of schooling paid in full he's not complaining even if though the testing gave him migraine and headache. After he received his electronic badge and finger print scan he was good to start work at the facility. Wouldn't you know it the same day he went to go in the double security gates and they were updating their time and attendance software. The new employees including himself started to back up as a card readers wasn't reading correctly. He got through one gate with one card and a fingerprint scan but the next gates would not work correctly. Over three hundred people were waiting fro almost two hours before it was up and running again.

Going on a road trip

It is going to be so nice this Thursday were finally going on another road trip. I love road trips down to Pennsylvania. We love going sight seeing to all the nature points and taking lots of pictures during the fall. Some of the most interesting pictures we took last year were of small creeks  and old stone dams specially when you take the pictures in black and white.

Winter fun outdoors

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Last year was the year without snow. There was only a couple of days when we got to ride the snowmobile. Hopefully this year we'll have more snow. Even though its so cold outdoors taking the kids sliding on a nice sunny day is the most enjoyment we have with the snow.

Monitor floor stands

My husband through the union occasionally goes on what he calls the oddity jobs. Out of the union hall they called six carpenters to come in and completely set up these unusual showrooms inside of a local mall. When they all showed up and sign in they expected a little direction from the general contractor. But the general contractor was less knowledgeable of the blue prints than most of the carpenters were. So it was kind of chaotic for a while. My husband's job was to build and install for monitor floor stands on the first day into concrete. They were installed on an inside corner with mirrors on both sides to possibly reflect a bigger view of the area.

Frenc vanilla rootbeer float

This summer we took another trip to the water park. We had lots of fun now that our son is a little bit older. Its nice to be all to sit down for a while and just watch him play  on the different children's rides. While we were there my husband went to the ice cream stand and bought me a real French vanilla root beer float. I can't believe something so delicious and I've never had it in my life.

RFID blocking

Its hard to believe how many gadgets the criminals have these days to try to steal your identity to steal your money. As my husband says he's good at his job as a carpenter and thieves are good at their jobs for coming up with new ideas to steal your accounts. I'm always wondering when doing my bill pay online that someone is going to access my account. Just going to the local grocery store I feel more confident with my rfid blocking. Now if they would only use a finger print scan when I slide my credit card through the machine would be nice.

Chimney inspection

Thank goodness for the chimney inspection code. My mother had bought an older modular home and it had a corner fireplace in it. Before she got her certificate of occupancy one of the things was the chimney inspection that had to be done. Come to find out the hidden chimney in the wall was in bad shape and its a good thing we didn't start a wood stove in it. There would have been a fire.

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