Under water metal detectors

Saturday, July 16, 2011

We had so much fun at Walt Disney world on our vacation. The next day we ended up going surf fishing on Daytona beach. What a great day. After that we decided it would be great to drive down to Key West Florida. We went on a dive  with the dive school instructor. Between him and his partner it was fun to watch them using the under water metal detectors. I can't believe that they actually found some pieces of eight.

China's new teachers

In my younger days I could have only dreamed of a job opportunity like this. I found out lately that China is seeking American teachers. They are very high in demand  to introduce  American style education methods to the Chinese high schools. Basically they're looking for teachers in the math and science and English departments. I won't be going at this point in my life but it would have been nice maybe ten years ago.

Document imaging

So many files and documents to be taking care of for only an occasional reference. It got to be out of control after a while. The best thing that I could have ever done was document imaging. I knew in the past that sometime in the future everything was going to catch up with me as the business expanded. Just trying to keep the right specialized employee is a full time job. So may employees promise you that they know  a lot more than what they actually know. It can be upsetting at times.

Property change over

Visiting my mother in law in Florida I was surprised to see that the old golf course that had been let go for many years, the town had bought it. Half of the golf course is being turned into a beautiful cemetery. Ironically the other half of the golf course is an almost two hundred thousand dollar playground, basketball court, tennis court. Now that's quite the change.

Shoulder braces

You just never know what can happen at home. They say most accidents happen at home. My husband has worked as a carpenter for many many years. He had  some close calls  when it comes to getting hurt on the job but never has sustained anything that would take him to the hospital. Two weeks ago our dog needed to go out in the middle of the night. As my husband went down the stairs he slipped. As he slipped he grabbed on to the rail with his hand. He didn't let go so all his body weight was put on one arm. It pulled the muscles in the arm and the shoulder. The very next morning we were out looking for the different shoulder braces that would be the most effective for his sprain.

Sleep number bed

I'm always having back aches since I started my new job. Sitting down in a chair all day leaning forward has taking a large toll on the health of my back. Besides going to the chiropractor its time to invest in a new bed. One of the many that I'm going to check into is the sleep number bed. They say it is unlike any other and it's nice that you can have one side firm  and the other side soft if you like. 


Thursday, July 7, 2011

One thing for sure over the years is that I've really spent  a lot of money on cosmetics that I'm really not too happy with. Luckily  a couple of these had money back satisfaction guarantees.  I remember my younger years sneaking in to my mom's room kind of borrowing  some of her cosmetics. My sister in law for Christmas knowing that I have a lot of cosmetics and I'm hard to buy for ended up buying me orogold. I'm so happy she did  but I know I'm going to have to return the favor for next Christmas.

Gas prices

Gas is ridiculous these days. They must think its a joke to bring the price way up then bring it a little down. I guess they think this will make us happy. Everyday we drive a total of eighty four miles using four gallons of gas.That said costing an average three dollars and seventy cents a gallon. So we spend ninety dollars a week between the price of gas and the baby sitter its almost not worth it to work. But I have to keep trying to get a little ahead. Next year I heard they were going to bring it close to six dollars a gallon then bring it back to five dollars just to make us think we're getting a deal.

Sears coupons

I couldn't believe one day I was shopping at price chopper. The lady ahead of me had two carts full of everything. After taking what seems to be like forever the cashier started totalling out the lady's coupons. By the time they were done the lady had saved over eighty five dollars on her purchase.  Last year at Christmas time, I was running all over looking for a couple different tools for my husband. It was so helpful when I used my sears coupons. I saved over nineteen dollars  and that happened to be the exact price of the blouse I was buying there.

Boat marina

We had a great weekend on the boat. Where we park it is a small marina out of the way. Its nice. They have a small play ground for the kids, a gazebo with an octagon table so you can have the family for a picnic. The owner let us have the dock of our choice. You can also go swimming. The kids really enjoy it there. Next weekend we are going to bring our cooker down to have a cook out with friends. It's at the Caughdenoy marina.

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