Adipex diet pills

Friday, November 27, 2009

At last, finally someone has done what I've basically been doing over the years but I'm the one that had to put all the work into it. Being slightly over weight all my life I've tried this pill I've tried that pill but it's tough to know which one is right for you. Finally after a long search I found

adipex diet pills they seem to work the best for me. You be the judge. Check out and compare for yourself.

Playing Cootie Bug Game

Okay kids its time to play Cootie! have you ever played Cootie Games? Its where you roll the dice to receive plastic bug parts to build your own personalized bug. This game is been around from at least 1970 that I know of. Made by the Milton Bradley Company. Its always been one of my favorite toy companies growing up besides Mattel they had the most selection of fun toys.
PS. When you get sick of Cooties try the game ants in your pants.

Online university

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

After fifteen years of my husband working for the same corporation the company was down sizing. He missed out on the first down sizing. Then they turned around two years after that and gave him the choice of keeping his job but relocating to another country. What kind of choice is that? Starting over in this economy is extremely hard. The employers out there of course want the best of the best for nothing. He turned to an online university to increase his odds and hopefully his salary. The online mba seem to do the trick. My husband has a lifetime of experience but he lacked the MBA to prove it. The financial aid through this institution was the biggest thing that enticed us.

Spring Lilac candle fragrance

Air fresheners come and go so many different styles so many different aromas. Still nothing gives off a better fragrance than lighting candles in the house. One of my cravings when it comes to food is "I gotta have my fish". The only problem is my husband doesn't like fish. I open all the windows and cook it while he's out. The candles are the last resort before he comes home. Lilac aroma seems to cover up all fish smells.

RV repair

Newton's law...when something can go wrong it will go wrong. (on earth as it is in heaven) I presume. (lol!) We have our RV completely gone over. To make sure everything was working correctly but there's always that one unforeseen thing. Technically everything was working fine. but as we discovered we needed more rv repair after our motor started skipping real bad. They found that it was a broken ground strap to the motor. Diagnoses time three hours. To fix it ten minutes.

Using Lysol for disinfectant

We don't mean to be paranoid but with all this viruses out there its even thought to go to the supermarket. What's the world coming to you might have to wear rubber gloves and respirator to go to the grocery store. Besides hand sanitisers an old products that has been on the market for many years is Lysol killing 99.9 percent of germs. I think we should take stock in the product . with all the germs around they all gonna be selling a lot more.

Order fulfillment

Starting a business per say wasn't a hard part. Getting a DBA which stands for Doing Business As certificate was exciting for me. That turned out to be an easy part. The orders that people placed originally came to me first I would re-box and re-label each one. This took lots of time from my product inventory expansion. But once I found order fulfillment a ton of weight was lifted off my shoulder. More time to expand my business now.

Home Depot Work Bench

The best thing growing up for a little guy we found for a building experience is his little home depot work bench. He sees daddy fixing this and fixing that. His dad is a carpenter by trade. After a while though he has learned that his tools aren't really real. He wants the real stuff! When my husband was little he had his toy tools but they were fully functional like the big ones. His tools might have been smaller but they were made of steel and he had real nails to fix all of his little project.

Outer Banks vacation

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We're so jealous sometimes every other year my daughter and her husband go on an Outer Bank vacation. We always know when its coming up because they reserve our truck. It's a special little truck. They only made 4300 of them. It's a 1999 Isuzu VehiCross. This truck goes anywhere including getting them to their camp at Outer Banks. We love seeing the pictures that they bring back. One of these days hopefully we'll have the time to go.

Lego Blocks toys

My husband says when he was growing up one of the most valuable toys to him was his Lego blocks. He looks back and explains how much engineering he learned from these simple designs. And the hours of fun he would have designing houses then making them out of Lego Blocks to impress his mom. We have carried on the tradition with our son. A lot of toys come and go but Lego Blocks are here forever.

Best eye cream for dark circles

Monday, November 9, 2009

Just like a car it gets older and always in need of repair. I thought I was covering everything by eating the right foods let alone how long it took me to find the proper vitamins for my system. I've invested a lot of money into facial creams and body washes. At least I'm nice and silky soft. I found the other day what I think is the best eye cream for dark circles. This product amazes me on how fast they disappear.

Birthday preparation

Here comes the long day. Setting up for a birthday party starts at least two days earlier looking for a present. It's hard these days looking for a present for someone that's older. Buying a card is fun but just putting a gift certificate inside is kinda impersonal. But for the short time that you have you may have to. I'm also making dinner for everyone so it's going to be stressful few days of preparations.

Austin weight loss

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I started out I was a little over weight not much in my teens considering all the junk food I ate I was doing fine. I met my husband to be for a while we went out to to three nights a week. Between eating all the elaborate food and having a couple of beers, my weight started to add up on me. So I needed a little trimming down. I shopped around and found austin weight loss. I had tried a few things getting to this point. The programs worked for a while but didn't in a long run.

How we celebrated Halloween '09

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween is one of our happy times of the year I think its because everybody seems to love to dress up. We had a lot of fun walking around our road house to house collecting candy with the kids. It's really our son's first year at three years old to know whats really going on. At least he knows that people give you cho-co-late :-). After the first two houses, he's got the system down. We pulled him and his sister around in the red wagon. Being it was dark out we attached two battery lanterns one to the front one to the rear of the wagon. So cars going by could see us. Up the hill from us Doug, our neighbor goes all out every year building a scary ghostly hunted house. It starts in his driveway, the path leads you to a big U-turn in his garage. Then out in the front lawn. Friends of his fill-in as monsters and ghost to scare you. His wife is even dressed up as a witch. There are lots of scream at Doug's house specially when they try to grab you. Poor little Jarred his first experience with the monsters! ahhhh.... and screaming "Where is the way out Daddy? Where is the way out Daddy?"

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