Blood testing orlando

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hanging out most of the time in our house in cold New York can get pretty boring. As they say you get cabin fever. Last year my husband and the kids and I took off in a whim to see my mother in law in Florida. What a difference. We left here it was 28 degrees when we arrive at her house it was 78 degrees felt so good. We were having such a great time for the first three days then my husband started to feel sick. This happened to him about six months ago and the doctors couldn't really find much so we decided to have his blood testing orlando just to find out if these doctors down here would find anything different.

The rising cost of precious metals

     Hooking up to the city water is something we really look into this spring. Our well water is high in iron and pretty much undrinkable.  We bought a filter system but its so expensive to replace the cartridges all the time. We were going to buy our hundred foot roll  of copper  piping to put underground  and discovered that the roll was almost six hundred dollars. Four years ago when we looked at it it wasn't even a hundred and eighty dollars for the roll. I can't believe that the prices of metals has gone up so much. Just take a look at prices of gold and silver.

Gift ideas for boyfriend birthdays

Saturday, February 18, 2012

   Roses are red violets are blue sugar is sweet and so are you. That would be nice in a perfect world. But who ever heard of a perfect world. Trying to find  gift ides for boyfriend birthdays was beginning to trouble me. I know he loves me but he doesn't ever give much thought into the presents that he gives me.   

   Last year at Christmas time he waited to the last minute to go shopping and of course half of things would have had to be ordered way ahead of time. When it comes to spending quality time with me he always does and he always puts me first before his guy friends. So I guess I was settled for this because this means a lot.

Gardening made easy

Here is a fun story for you. An older gentleman used to plant his garden every year. Being he was getting up there in his age it was too much for him. In the past he had help only from his son but his son is in jail now. He wrote his son a letter explaining how he couldn't do it without his help this year.

Two days later the old man awoke to a bunch of FBI agents digging up his garden area. A couple days later he received a letter in the mail from the son saying it was the least he could do for his dad. He had told the FBI that the garden area was where he buried all the bodies. Not for real really but the son also added that it would be so much easier for his dad to plant the garden now.

Manufactured homes

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My mother in law is selling her house in Florida and moving back to the cold New York State. The prices of  manufactured homes in New York State is extremely high compared to the prices in Florida. She has actually found a better deal even with the shipping from Florida to New York rather than buying a home here. I guess its because she is only a few miles away from her place that makes the homes in Florida.

Love for pictures

I always like taking pictures I can't seem to get enough of it. I used up so many batteries even if the rechargeable I am charging all the time. When it comes to viewing them the PC is nice because we have a big screen but nothing compares to putting the SD card into the Wii and see all of our pictures on a 50 inch Sanyo HD TV. So cool.

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