Medical step stool

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The architecture of a hundred ten year old Victorian house is just so beautiful. The whole entire time that it has been in existence its only had two owners. It cost me a small fortune to have the window treatments custom made up. The ceilings in the downstairs of the house are ten feet in height. The original kitchen was meticulously taken care of and were keeping it all original. I ended up going with a medical step stool to reach the top shelves in the cabinets. This type of step stool is just perfect for the height I was looking for.

Building puzzles

Its funny how some things work out sometimes. I really don't like doing puzzles but my four year old received one for Christmas. As we dumped it out on the table I thought my mind was lost at looking at it. Being I was typing at the same time I didn't think I'd be able to put any of the pieces together but to my amazement  I typed with one hand and doing my work and put the puzzle together with my four year old in record time. Must be my mind was very focused on both jobs. I guess.

Prom dress

Everything to take into consideration. The color, the height of the hem, and is it this years complete style. Then you'll always have the problem of picking a dress that somebody else has already picked. I ruled out that problem with my prom dress. I hand picked mine after a seven hour day search. After that I took it to my aunt's house do a make over on it. She works for a bridal boutique and has all the equipment to make my dress a work of art.

Repetitious work

So happy to have a few days off work even though its only a temporary job its been temporary for three weeks at ten hours a day five days a week. Getting up at five o'clock every morning is a little tiring after awhile. My husband at the moment is laid off from his Union Carpentry job so he's baby sitting our four year old. He said he's going nuts from the repetitious house work. He is going to every other day vacuuming of the rug and this is driving me nuts.

Fat burners

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My neighbor knocked on the door the other day returning some mail that the mail lady left at her house by accident. She had her little dog with her and it came inside the foyer. The little dog is  fifteen pounds over weight. Almost twice as much as it should be. I asked about his condition she went on and on about fifteen minutes. The owner herself weighs about three hundred pounds. She said she had just started a program that included fat burners. The way she talked  the dog and herself are on a race to see who loses the most weight per volume at the same time.

Wall-e movie

I missed out on a movie a few years ago that I just happened to be watching with my son. Whoever made up this movie must have had a big heart with lots of sensitivity. To sit here and watch a little robot almost break my little boy into tears along with myself is incredible. WALL-E the movie is great. Fantastic!

Home speakers

My husband told me stories of when he was young in the house they grow up in his dad had set up a complete surround sound system in their game room so he could watch the old war movies and it sounded like the bombs were exploding all the way around you like a movie theater. It's too bad they don't have big screen TV's back then to enjoy the moment even more. The home speakers that he had back then were over five hundred watts. These speakers were hooked through a Sansui stereo system into the TV. Incredible sound.

Christmas tree decorations

It was pretty depressing a couple weeks ago we were so excited getting our Christmas tree and setting it up. My husband went out to our shed to retrieve all of our Christmas ornaments and lights. We locked them up very tight in Tupperware bins so no varmints get inside of the boxes. Well some chipmunks must have had a powerful urge or sweet tooth because one corner of one box was chewed through and unfortunately all of our decorations were ruined. So that very same night we went out to buy our new one to decorate out tree.

Christmas gift ideas

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It seems like every year there's one in particular person that's tough to shop for not to mention myself. My husband has a tough time usually finding things for me. This year though it was tough findingchristmas gift ideas for my twelve year old step daughter.  She's right at that age where she's not really a child anymore but far from being an adult. She doesn't care for electronics which is great. She's  an outdoors girl but we've just about covered everything she could use outdoors.

Plasma whitener

I've always wanted to brigthen my smile a little bit. I tried one of those strips in the past but those things are just too inconvenient. I'm always brushing my teeth three times a day  but they just seem a little dull. I came across a smile plasma light that suppose to whiten your teeth. I don't know I'm kind of scared with it. I guess I shouldn't be. It's the same technology used by dentist all over the world. I'm still thinking about it.

HP printers

Monday, December 13, 2010

We have the same printer for so many years. We only run to clean cycle on it but eventually I think we just wore it out. Needless to say the old printer didn't even have a scanner on it. The new one with a scanner I found very useful if you try to copy old photographs. The brand names are so numerous out there. I finally narrowed it down to three different hp printers. After researching all three I picked the one that was best suited for our household.

Wrapping presents

With all of our Christmas shopping done finally it's time for the wrapping party.  That's me myself and I wrapping everything. The gifts to me from my husband he just lightly wraps them so I can't see what it is and I wrapped over top. He won't even try wrapping anymore because he knows I do a great job. Thank goodness for boxes that you can buy that are flat and you just unfold them. I had so many clothes presents to wrap it saved a lot of time.

Car insurance reviews

Saturday, December 11, 2010

In the big world of the web it's always good to do your research on everything these days before you purchase. Lets face it if you go around spending too much for everything you might be broke tomorrow. But remember the cliche' you get what you pay for. If you find the cheaper price you best make sure the product is the same as the other one you are looking at. When it came time for our automobile policy renewal I was deep in search for car insurance reviews. There was so much information on different companies, I was glad to see that our company was at the top of good agencies.

Warmer weather

Our cold weather pattern finally broke for at least a couple of days. The temperatures outside that were holding in the twenties escalated today  to the high thirties. For us it was an opportunity to get outdoors and have some fun with the kids.  We made two giant snowman and one snow dog. After taking some pictures we decided to ride our ski doo for a while.  The snow really isn't deep enough  yet so we only took it for a short ride.  After this  sliding down hill was a fun time.

Anniversary gifts

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Finding a gem in a bed of stones as they say "one in a million shot". Just in time after searching and viewing for days I found a site that has the right anniversary gifts that I'm looking for. I couldn't believe how many different types of roses they offer. Each of different material for different years of your anniversary. I've never seen this before. The wedding anniversary gifts by year is so unique. I've also sent this out to my many girlfriends that always have a problem picking the appropriate item for their anniversary. I had such a laugh at the happy anniversary toilet paper. My husband was looking over my shoulder and happen to notice the sweet sixteen category. As I clicked there it brought up beautiful purple roses. His daughter's favorite. Next year he plans on surrounding her with these for her birthday.

HD tv

We finally got our new tv. We were so sick of our old fuzzy tv you can't even read anything close up on the old one. Our new tv is a Samsung HD fifty two inch and of course we got a great deal on a magnavox blue ray player at the black Friday sale at Wal-mart. Now we're all set for our tv viewing.

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