Cold old doggy

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Even our dog is feeling the cold of this winter. She is getting older now and doesn't like spending much time outdoors when she was young. She will go out and within five minutes she will do all of her business. When we let her back in she ran upstairs and sits right in front of the wood stove to get herself warm from the New York cold.

RIP our Chinchilla

One of our Chinchillas that we played with everyday seemed to be losing weight and it was really sad he was cold and obviously dehydrated. I picked him up and put him in a small towel . As I held him close to me to get him warmer I tried feeding him I tried getting him to drink but to no avail. Within the next few hours he passed away. Don't know why he came so sick so fast. Two days ago he was up and playing around. Someone said it could have been old age but I don't think old age comes on overnight. He will be sadly missed.

Drug detox program

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Years ago we rented an apartment to a nice young family at our tenant house. Everything was going good for the first four months when it came for them to pay their rent on time. I happen to be on the phone one day asking for rent when the husband started screaming in the background about paying the rent. All this time he has been very nice now he's like this. His wife told me that he was back into his bad habit. I recommended a good drug detox program but she says that it is going to take more than her to get him into any program. Because I needed the rent money I volunteered to talk to him.  Hopefully I can help the situation.

Harbor Freight well pump

Having to buy a well pump at the spur of the moment  can lead to a lot of work specially if the fittings of the new one don't line up with the fittings of the old one. All the lines in our well pump room are one inch copper so if you don't get the identical well pump you have to cut clean and solder all your fittings all over again to make it fit in the well pump. We ended up at Harbor Freight to buy a new pump and after installing it it needs a pressure adjustment and their manual doesn't show how.

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