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Thursday, September 3, 2009

My husband haven't tried it yet but we've heard a lot of good things about apidexin. He spent many years fighting his overweight problem even though he had been on a special diet. He'd been told that he have multiple embalances in his system. It gets to be a little dreary after a while. So many different diagnosis. He just want to wake up and be thin again. Sometimes he even dream that he is and then he wake up. How depressing. We searched out apidexin and found apidexin review online and this product seems to fit his needs so there's hope again for his crusade to lose weight.


LianaS said...

Apidexin Contact Information:
Health Science Nutrition
96 North 1800 West
Suite 11
Lindon, Utah, USA
Phone: 801-203-3419

After 4 weeks of feeling anxious, dizzy, light headed, and unable to focus I stopped taking the ‘miracle’ diet pills. The side effects aren’t worth it. I had sent dozens of emails … no response. Finally I broke down and decided to file a claim with PayPal (whom I paid through). I called PayPal looking for contact information. They only had the company phone number (surprisingly it was valid). After calling the number the man told me to send my bottles to the above address. You need to include your bill and a letter stating why you’re returning this item. Be sure to request delivery confirmation at the post office prior to sending. I’ll keep you posted … who knows if the money will actually be returned …

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