It could happen to you

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This story sounds stupid but you know it could happen to you. I've already experienced this just this morning which might make you laugh. (wink) This morning I open the cupboard and my favorite dried small fish (commonly known as dilis in Tagalog). For us it's one of the palatable food most commonly liked especially when mixed in with tomatoes or some deeping sauce. I like vinegar with a hot pepper on it as a deeping sauce. The smell of the "dilis" lingered inside the house so to avoid this I heated up the cooking oil and put the dried "dilis" on it and then brought it outdoors to continue cooking that way the foul odor doesn't linger in the house. I took a chance while everybody is gone.

Going back to the topic, I cooked it outdoors with the lid on to cook it quickly. Thinking that it's done, I waited until it cools down but keeping the lid closed. By bringing it back to the kitchen, I think was a little too soon because as soon as take the lid off I stick my nose on it without thinking. You know what happened? I instantly had this big, big wicked headache, I get dizzy at the same time and I thought I will pass out.

I had a brain freeze and I couldn't breath. I thought I've seen lots of stars around me. I also thought I'd lost my oxygen! (lol!) Heck! I was so terrified so I ran in the faucet washing my nose repeatedly with the flowing water. Apparently, the air inside the pot where I cooked the fish was trapped and when I opened it it exploded right into my nose! Oh my goodness that was really terrible. I learned a lesson from this one. Don't stick your nose into the food that you were cooking right from the cooking pot.


Cecile said...

Malou, salamat for sharing this, tama ka dear, it could happen to us, too kaya ingat lang. Ako pa naman dami paso sa kaluluto :-(

EJ said...

my wife told me about this malou, yup it could kill you too.. so better take care next time..

Anonymous said...

hahahhaha napangirit pa ako sadi bru.... maray na sana na di ka nauno..

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