PC problems

Friday, November 19, 2010

It can be ridiculous these days when it comes to faulty electronics. Our old PC which was a beautiful high performance Gateway only three years old. We had an extended warranty on it so things started going wrong  so we took it back. They said they fix it, we'd picked it up, bring it home, turned it on it doesn't work. Take it back again they called again. We went to pick it up, my husband insisted that they plug it in to see it work. They did  while we walk around the store. Fifteen minutes later we stopped back it wasn't working. What the heck...After so called fixing it four times we insisted on a replacement. They argued with us for awhile and then gave in after my husband mentioned that his mom knows a lady at the attorney general's office three miles away. They were more than happy to get us a new computer after saying this.


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