Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My husband had a wicked head ache on his experience regarding the online business kit. They billed us four dollars for the shipping of a disk that we never receive and turned around and billed us two full months for services of this business that we never even receive or started. Then a company got a hold of my husband's name and telephone number and kept calling like he haven't paid for it. He called his credit card company and they were already charged. He let his credit card company know he was disputing the charges and he also called this merchant that billed us and canceled the entire program that we didn't even receive. He also told those girls that kept on calling to try to get his visa numbers that their company is scammer and they have no right calling. He can't report them because their unknown number and in a different country. It is a pain in a butt just to have to deal with this. If they would have just send the stuff we might overlook the charge even though they said they would bill one month at a time.


Anonymous said...

hello. we didn't know that there is also kinda scam like this. Very informative lesson 'to. Thanks..

Malou said...

Hi sis thanks a lot for leaving your comment here I really appreciate it..I guess everywhere we go there were people who take advantage of the weaker.

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