Best Little Zoo: our favorite place no more

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Grandpa Bob's petting zoo. It's so sad Grandpa Bob's retiring so they're auctioning off all the animals big and small along with the cages to go with the animals. It was amazing how many people showed up.

Grandpa Bobs petting zoo had all your local type animals along with quite a few exotic animals, not really native to New York are chinchillas. They're like a mouse kangaroo and bunny combo very fast very bouncy and very cute so that's what we focused on we had these many years ago. A virus came through and devastated our chinchillas.

It happened in three quarters of the United States thank goodness chinchillas are good at re-populating because we love them so. Our little doggie is jealous. She puts her nose to the cage and the chinchilla pokes her nose it's so funny. We can't figure out whether she wants to play with them or eat them. She could never catch them if they got out. If they get cornered and highly threatened they would turn and spray pee in the predators face they also can put their little paws together and punch straight forward with their claws extended to try to defend off their attacker. All in all chinchillas are fun little animals.


faye said...

love ko rabbit but we dont have space to take care of one. pag may palace na ako bru buy akong mdaming rabbits hehehe

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