The invincible dog

Thursday, November 6, 2008

This is a true story of my husband's invincible dog gone but not forgotten. The way my husband told it I though I was really there. We like to hear this story over and over again.

"When I was about twenty years old I had an invincible dog. By all rights his name is Samson. He was a Doberman lightly mixed with a Collie. Strange combo. Look like a Doberman had a Collie nose. I always tease him by calling him (ugly dog, ugly dog) He would put his head down and try to speak to you as to say knock it off. One day Samson got off his leash went down the road about half a mile. He got in a fight with a golden retriever. I guess the owner of the golden retriever didn't like this much he came out of the garage with a long screw driver stuck it right straight through Samson in one side out the other. Samson came running home smile on his face as usual with the new surprise for me. I couldn't believe the screw driver was in him showing no pain. I went in the house got some hydrogen peroxide dumped it on the towel put it on Samson's wounds and pulled the screw driver out. I have no clue how the screw driver missed all of his vital organs but nothing ever hurt Samson. A couple years went by, Samson got off his leash again. I was calling for him it was almost dark. As I seen him come running out of the field to cross the road a tractor trailer driving slow from the neighbors house hit Samson. He went under the truck and rolled over and over and over again. The truck continued down the road Samson comes running in the driveway limping on one leg with that smile on his face this time I just can't believe it and I laughed because he is not hurt. Samson is not good at staying at home when were gone away. So we took him with us for a boat ride up on a small lake in Upstate New York about forty miles away from our house. We were on the boat and just before sunset a flock of geese flew low above the boat. Samson jumped overboard just as the sun set behind the trees. The waves were quite rough, the noise covered any sound of him splashing, we searched for hours it seem. The next morning we even walked partway around the lake calling for him but no Samson. We figured the waves so high he must have drowned. We thought this was the end of mighty Samson. Two months later we had a lightning storm at our house and made me think of Samson. The same exact moment that his face I pictured in my mind there was a big boom at the door that made me jump. I got up to see Samson's face and his paws on the door with that same darn smile. I opened the door he looked like he been through hell and he really enjoyed a big hug from me. Samson lived to be thirteen years old. One morning I got up and Samson passed away quietly in his sleep. PS. One of Samson's other incredible feats were bringing home three little baby bunnies one at a time carrying them at the edge of his teeth not to hurt them but to bring them to us as to say they need help. Incredible!"


faye said...

nice story bru!!!
yap,,,dog is man's bestfriend,,,,they cant fight you back!..they are there for u maski na sikadan mo!

Malou said...

Samson is my husband's dog on his younger days :)

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