I had an accident

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Can you imagine me doing a free fall just outside our doorstep this evening? We were leaving to go to my husband's work because of an emergency call. Picture this. I had my bag on my left arm with a lap top inside of it. I decided to bring it with me just in case I get bored at least I had something to play with. On my right hand is the key. After locking the door I turned around and took one step then suddenly whammmm! My right hip landed on the icy ground using my right hand at the same time for support. I lay down there for a few minutes examining myself if I am badly hurt. Nope I'm okay just a little sore from the impact. I remember my brand new laptop that was on my arm I realized it was thrown away about a couple of feet from me. Thank goodness my brand new laptop is okay! (lol)


Anonymous said...

Oh no, maray ngani you're okay bru... an the laptop hehehe...

Maus said...

kaulok ka partner naimagine itsura mo..

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