Received a package from the Philippines

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Okay, so I thought I lost the package from the Philippines again for the second time. I'm sorry but since the last time that we were expecting a package from my sister who lived in the Philippines and it didn't arrive from the mail I get very anxious on mails that comes from another country. We wait and wait but nothing arrive. It happened last December and I have this doubt that the package was lost somewhere again. I bought a bleaching soap online that comes from Pampanga and I was getting anxious as the days passed by. I was relieved when our mail person dropped the package on our doorstep today. I bought it April 6 and today is April 29. That's how long it took for the package to get here. On the other hand I'm glad that it's here finally.


Maus said...

namasyar muna bru so package hehe,,,

misty said...

oiii nyanga magableach ka, ang puti mo na kaya.. need pa ba to bleach hehehe..

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