Sleeping at work

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Since Monday until Wednesday we had been working up to 7 hours a day at work. Jarred had been nice for days being with us. We just brought in lots of toys for him to play with. When he gets bored he helped Mommy clean and helped daddy paint. Daddy was doing the paint job on the wall when he turned for a minute to get something, when he came back Jarred said to his dad. "Daddy I helped you paint". To my husband's dismay he found out that Jarred had painted the wall with the small paint brush. Oh well just have to re-paint the whole thing again. My son finally run out of energy and decided to lie down for a while. Here he is sleeping at work.


Chubskulit Rose said...

aw poor little thing hehehe. cuton man.. kumusta na bru, grabe kakatranbaho mo hehehe..

k a r i n a said...

Awww.. isn't he lovely? Cute child. :) belated happy mother's day! :)

Maus said...

wawa man si pogi!! but he's still cute "koreano" hehehe..

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