A trip to the dentist

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The other day I felt sick in a way my throat hurt my glands in my neck were swollen so much that it gave me a stiff neck . I kept on thinking it was an ear infection because it tickled inside. I was gonna go to the doctors but them my husband asked me how did my teeth feel. And I told him about a week ago I had a tooth ache come to find out it was an infection in one of my teeth so the trip to the dentist and an antibiotic took care of everything.


Maus said...

musta na bru?
and musta work mo enjoy?

Chubskulit Rose said...

Maray na sana na naukdan ni agom mo hehehe..

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Cecile said...

buti naman at ok na ang teeoth infection mo, Lou :-); nakalimutan ko na bata pa pala si Jarred, maaga pa nga para mag aral sa school :-).

oo naman, gusto ko story, sige tell me about your work sa yahoo messenger na lang pag online ka, just buzz me kahit na offline ako; o sige have a happy weekend sa inyo ha.

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