How we celebrated Halloween '09

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween is one of our happy times of the year I think its because everybody seems to love to dress up. We had a lot of fun walking around our road house to house collecting candy with the kids. It's really our son's first year at three years old to know whats really going on. At least he knows that people give you cho-co-late :-). After the first two houses, he's got the system down. We pulled him and his sister around in the red wagon. Being it was dark out we attached two battery lanterns one to the front one to the rear of the wagon. So cars going by could see us. Up the hill from us Doug, our neighbor goes all out every year building a scary ghostly hunted house. It starts in his driveway, the path leads you to a big U-turn in his garage. Then out in the front lawn. Friends of his fill-in as monsters and ghost to scare you. His wife is even dressed up as a witch. There are lots of scream at Doug's house specially when they try to grab you. Poor little Jarred his first experience with the monsters! ahhhh.... and screaming "Where is the way out Daddy? Where is the way out Daddy?"


Maus said...

big na ang soltero mo bru...
kadali panahon..
the big pirate na an hehehe

Cecile said...

hahaha, pareho pala sila ng anak ko eh, konti lang energy o go trick or treating; tapos umiyak pa kasi nga eh yung third house eh nakakatakot talaga, sabi niya " i want to go home" na daw :-)!

cute din si baby mo with his pirate costume, Lou!

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