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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Often times, it made me think if I am going home to see my mama and papa. It's been four years now that I haven't seen my beloved parents and living in a faraway land away from them is not that easy. I want to see my loved ones but there are many things to be considered and this has been left undone. What's making me stop doing it? Its money, time, and security.

To fly over the Philippines with only me and my 2 year old requires a budget not to mention spending thirty one hours on a plane. Real scary not for myself but for my son who will experience a long trip. He never had a long trip before. Only thinking of what situation we'll have already gives me cold feet and sweaty hands. Along with his health. Can he adjust to the weather over there which sometimes goes up to 95 degrees? What if he'll get sick? So many what if's. I will decide soon God HELP ME!


faye said...

DOnt think about IF in negative way partner.....thinking only those moments na ma miss mo in the future..remember past is past..di na natin pwede ibalik ang lumipas...heeh gare title ki movie!!
GOD speed partner,,,for sure u can decide to got home ...pustahan! coz thats the only one need your family your personal presence!

Anonymous said...

Yeah i can also feel that travelling with 2 yr old baby is not a easy job.lots of precautionary things u have to make before u r leaving.

Chubskulit Rose said...

may God help you decide Malou... Listen, He'll speak to you!

Tikno said...

Visit them as long as you are with them in this world.

Dhemz said...

you know what telou? you deserve to go home and see you love ones..matagal narin yung 4 years...before nag 2 years ako dito we went to visit the PI...taz 1yr old pa si Akesha non...it would be better na kasama mo si hubby..kasi mahirap te pag ikaw lang mag-isa ang uuwi eh..bagahe at tsikiting..nako..dko yan makakaya! You know what we did te? it is better not to take a non stop flight..kasi may time pa kayo na makapagpahinga..tapos mura pa...:)I hope you will visit them soon!

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