Gold bullion

Friday, October 29, 2010

Years ago one of these state sales that we went to  it turned out to be a real treasure hunt in some manner. We got some great deal on a crystal chandelier. I had been keeping an eye on an  old dresser with mirror all day. I know it was going to bring a lot of money at the sale but I wanted it so bad. After buying a few things we went down to grab a quick hotdog from the portable vendor that was there. Later that afternoon after making my husband mad and paying too much  for the dresser we loaded it up took it home. As we were removing it from the truck we jarred it too much. Two pieces of something hit the ground that were very shiny. It turned out there were two liberty ten dollar gold bullion squeezed in the same frame that held the mirror.  Now my husband doesn't feel bad at all about the price I paid.


Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

Mel_Cole said...

It is said that Gold is a good investment these days as it doesn't depreciate even though there's depression. Once economy is good, it's value stays the same though. Nice post.

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