Cable problem

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Our cable "high speed" has always been slow so I called the cable company again. The service guy tested everything and found that the line was bad under the road. That's the same thing they said ten years ago I told him. He was amazed that nothing was done considering over the years they had been here twenty times. So as he is standing here he reports that the line is bad to his supervisor over the phone. Two weeks go by they came out and replaced the line but still needed a technician to do the final hook up so I give it two more weeks then I call. The lady says they didn't have anyone scheduled like nothing is wrong so she schedules an appointment for a tech to come out. When he gets here he ask, what's wrong with your tv and Internet? They never told him he was finishing the hook up outdoors no wonder our cable bill is so high its for all the miss communications screw ups.


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