Carpet stores near you

Thursday, July 26, 2012

At first when I stepped into home renovations I thought I knew it all but I soon learned that I knew a lot less. I knew that I could get a lot of work done if I was only on the site. But being there was always that one or two different items that were forgotten to complete the job. Trying to keep to the closing schedule on the property and keeping track of all the sub-contractors was a lot of fun.  I've had experience after experience when it comes to fine tuning a final product. One day at the house the first storey casings were mixed up with the basement level. The basement level was all installed so we left it at that and bought higher quality casings for the main level of the house.

I found over the last few years to find the carpet stores near you to get the best deals from personal installers that you can depend on. One young couple that I sent to the carpet store picked up the samples and by the time they got back to me on their choice there was only ten days to set up the install before they moved in. To make sure things are perfect I always go through at the very last day before the move in just to make sure everything goes well.


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