Our strategy of buying on ebay : it really works

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Once upon a time? Not really! We were looking for a snowmobile. My husband is an eBay fanatic. He had over thirty eight snowmobile on his eBay page. Constantly watching days of the auction versus pricing and the years of the snowmobile. Really the best way to narrow it down on eBay is to watch for the snowmobile in your price range that don't receive a bid for whatever reason.

Usually its location sometimes too high a price but then again the high price one won't fall in our category. So we wait for the auction to end on a snowmobile that doesn't receive any bids then you email the seller with a cheap price and hope for the best. Being the auction is over this does not interfere with eBay's policy. Eventually my husband after sending about twelve email over three weeks got a response back to accept the cheaper price. Not a bad snowmobile and we got it for three hundred dollars less than what the seller was offering it for in the auction.

The other way to do it is when on the first day of the listing is to email the seller and offer them a cheap price if they close the auction now. You know there's a lot of people out there that want their money now instead of later, so they'll take your offer just so they can have the money sooner. And this really works. Follow this and you'll save some bucks.


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