Swiss Army luggage

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Don't you just love it when a surprise came along? I am talking of a very reasonably priced trip to Cancun Mexico which includes travel tickets, the hotel, and food for the whole family. My husband received this from a mail letter which came from believe it or not a past employer. My husband left with very good standings with this company. We really wanted some good durable luggage so we took a word of a friend and looked up Swiss Army luggage. We weren't in any way disappointed. Very stylish and durable and will last for many years.


Grace said...

Oh, we had an offer of that , too. Mexico. But my husband and I had more important plans to do for the next year.
Enjoy the trip, Malou.
Have a happy new year. :)

Malou said...

hi Grace Im glad to meet you here. My husband has been in mexico 4 years ago and he said it was really a very nice place to spend a vacation. If time will permit us we might go

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