Why is Easter Lily important to easter?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Have you bought any lilies ready for easter? I have mine two days ago. We stopped at the mobil to get gas when my husband returned and said he had a surprise for me. He gave me this beautiful easter lily plant. But why are easter lilies important to easter?

"This lily is the traditional flower of spring and is highly regarded as a joyful symbol of beauty, hope, and life. Each holiday is marked by cherished traditions that bring joy, comfort, and warmth, and provide continuity from one generation to the next. Easter has its share of traditions: egg decorations and hunts; gift baskets and chocolate bunnies, sunrise church services, parades, and, of course, the Easter Lily. For many, the beautiful trumpet-shaped white flowers symbolize purity, virtue, innocence, hope and life — the spiritual essence of Easter." source: http://www.inspirationline.com/Brainteaser/easter-lily.htm


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