Tracking down long lost friends

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Friends can cheer us up, provide a sense of community and continuity, share memories, offer tips for living better in a thousand ways, rejoice triumphs and commiserate in your sorrows. But all the way through the journey of life we live and later on for some other reason especially in our marriage we grow apart from friends and fail to keep constant communication with them. I had a very good experience to bring back the chums from the old neighborhood. If you ask mutual friends for contact information; call their college, high school or alumni organizations or visit its web site. You'll be amazed by how it greatly help to find your lost friends. Another way is to look on the Internet through google or another search engine. Online phone books can help too. Visit, or I am so happy to find my high school classmate and friend when I finally decided to search them online from friendster which is also one of the free site where you can build your own profile.


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