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Sunday, January 4, 2009

With the Christmas season upon us, you always have some people in your life that are just about impossible to find a gift for especially a neat gift especially my mother and my father. The one thing I did notice in the past year was that they were still wearing their watches from many many years ago. Even though this watches are very durable they were showing quite some age. So I started my search at Breil watches and came up with two extra ordinary unique watches that their friends are already talking about with envy.


Anonymous said...

Breil Milano Watches

I must confess that I'm not impartial as I do sell them through my shop and website. BUT, I have to agree, Breil watches look great even, if you're not Charlize.

I get loads of positive comments when I wear my Ladies Breil Logo (more so than when I wear my much more expensive Cartier Panthere!)

It's the same with Breil jewellery; the discontinued "snake" never fails to attract attention from guys and girls - of all ages. And the steel collar? I like to think it has a touch of the Cleopatra's.

I do hope you can publish this, it's so nice to talk about jewels and my regular customers are getting a bit bored by me!

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