Pit bull dog attack

Friday, January 23, 2009

It could have been a very nice day for us (Me and Jarred) playing outdoors. The weather is not bad at all at 39 degrees this morning with lots of sunshine. We put on our snow suit and headed outdoors. I decided to bring my camera as we go out because I wanted to get more souvenir pictures and videos of Jarred. He had a cute little voice as he talked and sooner he will be saying all the words in the world. I wanted to capture the special moment with him.

He was yakking away as he was on the swing. We were both enjoying the fun when suddenly a dog behind us jumped over Jarred. I screamed at the dog picking up Jarred at the same time who fell down as he gets outbalanced and landed on his side. The Dog still trying to get Jarred. I screamed once again trying to keep the dog away from Jarred holding my son tight in my arms.

This dog is not even six month old but enough to rip in half the size of a little boy. The dog seems being playful but I was so scared. A pit bull dog is not good at all around kids. I've heard news about how pit bull dogs are vicious. Its owner came out of the house (our tenant) and get the dog back into their house. I was upset and told him what his dog just did. He was apologetic.

Jarred had a little scratch on the side of his mouth apparently when the dog jumped over him and scratched him on the face. Thank God it was not so bad. We decided to get back inside the house after what happened.


EJ said...

There's no such thing as bad dogs, just bad owners.

Anonymous said...

good to know he's okay bru!

Malou said...

yes a dog that hasn't been taught right by its owner

Her Glitter Life said...

Really! I don't know but I am scared of Pit bull dog. That is one of the scariest dog i know.

Maus said...

naku bru,,next time ipatali mo na so dog sa owner or else itali mo so owner..together with the dog ..napaka-dangerous kaan..i know pittbull is one of dangerous dog love to eat meat! sabi once na naka bite sya never nyang butasan.

Her Glitter Life said...

Hi ate Malou. I pass by here. to let you know that you are one of my tag.

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