Starting out on Ebay

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's so easy setting up your eBay account these days for buying and selling. It seems like everybody is in there. Go on eBay's home page and click on new account, eBay step per step procedure walking you through you'll be up and running in minutes. After you created that account right on eBay, you should make your paypal account and then in the long run they'll show you how to be a certified paypal account by connecting a bank account to paypal. At first, your eBay account before you buy anything you will have a zero rating. We suggest buying a few little things that don't cost you much to raise your rating. Each purchase you make moves you from zero on upward. Three purchases you went from zero to three and so on. Because when you get to bigger purchases no one likes to see a zero bidder. It means you're new and they're scared to sell to you. There are a lot of zero bidders on there that don't take their bidding seriously. If you bid and renege on it you will get a negative mark as a buyer. People can see this and won't trust you. They may cancel your bid for these bad marks. All in all its very simple to set up your account. So don't be scared. We have found lots of deals on eBay. Waiting to the last minute to bid seems to keep the price down and you get a better deal. Have fun don't spend too much. The boat that we're selling is a 1988 bayliner command bridge dual station.


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