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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Marching on the church isle on our wedding day is one of the most important memories that ever happened in my life. Unfortunately when I left my country I couldn't bring all the wedding souvenirs with me over here due to a very limited baggage to carry that were allowed on the plane.

We manage to bring a few of them which amazed me by how they survived in spite of the very long trip. Our giveaway is very brittle. Me and my sister consumed days and days for the long preparation and making a two hundred pieces of the giveaways which are all very intricate to do. We bought the materials and designed it ourselves. It's a lot of work but its worth it.
I love butterflies so we decided to make it as our motif on the special day. It reminds me of the song butterfly kisses by Bob Carlisle. In fact it is very popular as a wedding song.


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Maus said...

butterfly kisses! hehe
gud for u partner na igwa ka kani wara mi nadara maski saro-

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